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Got an edge? Then grab a slice of PIE. Now in its second year, the Partnership for In-Office Edging (PIE) website is an educational resource dedicated to helping ECPs access the latest information on processing lenses and fabricating eyewear in an in-office laboratory. A partnership between 20/20, Vision Monday and industry leaders in the in-office finishing category, PIE’s goal is to help ECPs set up and operate their in-office labs efficiently and profitably while providing superior customer service.

PIE is a comprehensive resource for every phase of in-office edging and includes tips and “pearls”, a complete index of articles from the archives of 20/20 and Vision Monday, and educational tools and CE courses.

This year, PIE will feature the following articles:

  • “How to Make the Critical Purchasing Decisions for In-Office Edging”
  • “The Newest Edging Technologies – What Can It Do For You?”
  • “How In-Office Edging Maximizes Profits and Opportunities”
  • “Ideas for Improving In-office Lab Efficiency and Productivity”

Continuing Education

Coming Soon - New Course!
Bringing In-Office Edging “In-House”

This interactive, online CE course details the questions to ask, discusses some of the answers and provides the information needed to determine whether it makes senses for your practice.

We invite you to explore PIE and make full use of its features. We also look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

— compiled by the editors of 20/20 and Vision Monday

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